in-store photo of Children's Orchard store, a lot of shoppers, parents and kids

Children’s Orchard is not consignment and it’s not thrift, it’s an upscale resale store that offers a new and fun shopping experience for both parents and kids.

Because children so often outgrow their clothes before they are hardly worn, our stores provide a solution for customers to sell their items for CASH On-the-Spot and buy like-new items for up to 70% off of original retail prices.

Stores feature bright colors, a clean, fresh scent and are designed to make shopping simple because items are easily accessible and meticulously organized. And all clothing (boys and girls sizes 0 to 14), accessories, toys and baby equipment are high in quality and in great condition.

To help make shopping a bit less stressful, each Children’s Orchard has a fun and safe play area where kids can watch videos, use toys and just hangout while their parents shop. Dressing rooms are large so families are comfortable when trying on items to make sure they fit.

When it comes time to clean out their children’s closets, customers also appreciate our curbside drop-off benefit. If there isn’t enough time to go into the store, it’s a fast and convenient way to hand over the items they wish to sell, go run other errands and then return later to pick up their cash.

The unique resale concept of Children’s Orchard serves local communities by promoting the reuse of quality goods, which benefits the environment, and buying inventory directly from customers, which puts money back into the pockets of people within the communities. When you visit any Children’s Orchard store, you’ll always find superior merchandise and a friendly, professional staff that provides great customer service.

So Why Children’s Clothing and Toys?

The average American family spends hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on apparel for their children each year. And unlike adults, who can usually fit into the same clothes and shoes for years, kids outgrow their wardrobes quickly, sometimes even before the seasons change.

Fashionable, affordable children’s apparel is always in demand. Children’s Orchard is designed to endure economic downturns. Our upscale resale concept creates loyal, repeat customers who love the brand for its deep discounts on like-new items, tremendous selection, well-designed stores and the opportunity to earn cash for things that their family no longer needs. Check out the video clip below from Twin Cities Live to hear the excitement surrounding children’s resale.


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