Children's Orchard target customer young mom sitting on couch with baby daughter next to her and several pieces of clothes around them
Children's Orchard millennial customer young mom holding baby and green shopping bags
Children's Orchard generation x customer mom with two preteen children standing next to her
Children's Orchard baby boomer customer grandmother with baby granddaughter on her lap

Learn about Children’s Orchard customers in the demographic information below. Plus, see some real customer feedback from our corporate and store-level social media channels.


Our ideal customer is a 25- to 45-year old mother with young children. She is likely married and always busy, juggling work and an active family life. She puts her kids first and strives to provide them with the best clothing, shoes, baby equipment and toys, but also appreciates a great deal.

Our target customer wants her family to look stylish even if they outgrow their outfits in the blink of an eye. She is socially and environmentally conscious and feels that recycling her children’s clothing is a way in which she can help the cause. With such a busy schedule, she values convenience and a friendly store staff to help her get shopping tasks done efficiently.

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Our Millennial customers are women ages 25 to 35. They live a very active lifestyle and are in the beginning stages of starting a family. They are very connected to family, friends and acquaintances, announcing their pregnancy, the birth of their first child and many other milestones on social media. We must have a strong social media presence in order to reach them.

This customer group has a defined sense of style, which carries over into how they dress their kids. First-time moms are looking to us to help them stock their baby’s bedroom and closet with high-quality clothing, toys and more for less. Many Millennials may still have high levels of student loan debt and are for the first time feeling the added expense of a child, so our prices suit their financial needs.

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Our Generation X (Gen X) customers are women ages 35 to 50. Gen X moms are highly educated and are generally well-established in their careers. Their families now include multiple children that are likely involved in many activities. They look to Children’s Orchard to keep up with their growing kids, providing school clothes, coats, boots, apparel for dance classes and soccer practices, Halloween costumes and more—all high in quality for a great price. Gen X customers are also looking to sell their kids’ gently used items to our store. They are very familiar with how quickly their children grow and the extra cash helps when they need to buy bigger sizes season after season.

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Our Baby Boomer customers are women ages 50 to 65. They make up a much smaller portion of our customer base. Often they are grandparents that love to shower their grandchildren with gifts. Baby Boomers grew up at a time of dramatic social change. Memorable events during their life include the Vietnam War, civic and environmental movements and women’s rights movements. These changes caused them to be socially and financially responsible. Many of them are more conservative and stick to strong personal financial plans. The resale concept of Children’s Orchard provides them with high-quality merchandise at a great price. They also appreciate our high level of customer service provided by a friendly and knowledgeable staff.


What’s in it for me? This is a common question asked by our customers. Our resale business model offers more than other retail stores! Watch this video to find out what’s in it for our customers:



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