Marketing is a very important piece in making a store a success, and we are here to help you in many different ways. With Children’s Orchard marketing support, we offer comprehensive training as well as ongoing marketing support to all franchisees.

Marketing is made up of many areas including electronic media, print media, social media, digital media and local store marketing. During your training, we will cover all of these areas in-depth as well as marketing budgets and how to best allocate them. The following is a brief breakdown of the different areas of marketing:

Electronic Media This includes TV, cable, radio, Pandora, Hulu and others. We have a recommended media buyer that will help to get you up and running as well as plan long-term goals. Check out one of the latest Children’s Orchard videos below.

Print Media

We know the ins and outs of different forms of print media and how to best utilize them in our stores. We also create many items in-house for store and work with proven vendors that make getting your print materials easy.

Social Media

This is an ever-changing area and we offer a lot of support to franchisees. This includes assistance in setting up your social media, training, providing content as well as ongoing updates to be sure you stay current.

Digital Media

This includes, a comprehensive, mobile-responsive website that presents customers with easily accessible information about the brand as well as individual stores. It’s a place to learn about Children’s Orchard’s unique resale concept and, ultimately, draw customers to your store. NTY Franchise Company works with a top search engine optimization (SEO)/digital company that helps to support the main brand website as well as provides a great option for you to promote your local store website with SEO.

Also, part of digital marketing is the free Children’s Orchard app. It’s tied to Club CO Rewards program, our customer loyalty program, and allows your customers to track their reward points, receive and track promotions, refer friends, find store locations & even store their receipts on their mobile device. This program is fully integrated with our Point of Sale allowing the system to be easy to use for both the customers and the stores.  The best part is the ability to use the data from the point of sale for data driven marketing messages to make it as customized to customers as possible.

Local Store Marketing

Local area marketing is a key part in promoting a local business. We have great ideas that have worked for other stores and tips for getting a strong start in your market. Our goal is to provide you with the best training and tools you will need to be a success in your market!

In this video, our VP of Franchising talks about working with vendors that know the Children’s Orchard business:



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